Blue Hole Natural Spring ᛫ December 18, 2017 & February 25, 2018

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At the Rastafari Rootzfest in Negril, I had met some people from the Blue Hole Mineral Spring and two German guys. They took my neighbor and me there one day after the festival. It was not far from Negril to reach the natural spring with supposedly healthy water. We drove for a little more than half an hour on a winding road up and down mountains and the last bit was even a dirt road.

Dreadlock girl swimming in Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Jamaica

It was fun swimming in the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. The color of the water looked so beautiful.

The Blue Hole was an actual big hole in the ground. Some people jumped from its edge or even from trees that were up to 18m (60ft) into the water! We didn’t even bring swimwear though because the actual reason for our visit was the cannabis that was grown there. The farmers had a booth at the Rootzfest with the best quality I had seen in Jamaica. So now, we wanted to see their fields and plants.

But for the festival, they had harvested the best plants of course and there were only small ones left. It was nice to see their farm, setup, and plants anyway as well as learning differences to the farms I had seen in NorCal. Apart from good weed, we also got a really nice dinner: Jerk chicken with rice and callaloo (cooked leafy vegetables).

Returning and Swimming This Time

Although I was living close, I didn’t get the chance to return there before the end of February. A Swedish friend I met in Kingston had a Jamaican friend who could drive us there. In addition, a German guy from her hostel joined us. When we arrived, the owner greeted us nicely and was happy to see me again. Then we went swimming in the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, which was very refreshing. Then we chilled by the pool and waited to go to the fields.

My friend left after a while because the driver wanted to go home, but I stayed longer with the German guy. A little later we could go to the cannabis fields. Unfortunately, most plants had been harvested two weeks earlier. So again, there were only small ones. We didn’t spend a very long time in the fields because it started to rain.

Getting back to Negril turned out to be more difficult than expected. At first, two guys took us with their motorbikes to a spot where we could catch a taxi. We had to stop twice though because of heavy rain and found shelter next to some shops. Since not many taxis are around on Sundays, it took us a while to find one that finally brought us back to Negril.

See More Pictures of My Time at the Blue Hole

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  1. Janvelle Sutton

    I enjoyed your adventure. Wish i was there with you. i visualized the whole experience. And i don’t think i would’ve jumped either lol.

    • peace-love-travel

      Thank you, Janvelle. I hope you can visit this beautiful place someday 🙂


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